A Fresh Approach to Citrus

Bringing the best of Uruguay to discerning produce customers around the world.


Frutura Uruguay is a new company dedicated to offering high-quality citrus and juice to the international marketplace. The company farms and packs over 1800 hectares of tangerines, oranges and lemons cultivated in Uruguay's premier growing regions. Frutura Uruguay holds a total of 3000 hectares for future use.

Superior Fruit

At Frutura Uruguay, we are dedicated to growing citrus of the highest quality and we concentrate in three primary crop areas - tangerines, oranges and lemons.


A concern for the environment has long been a way-of-life in Uruguay, well before it became fashionable elsewhere. Uruguay is a small country with a temperate climate, boundless water resources, port-proximity and a unique geographical position.
making it optimal for agriculture.

Uruguay Natural

to us means an awareness of the sanctity of the land and an abiding respect for the people who farm it.

With farming so critical to Uruguay's GNP, sustainability is part of the culture in Uruguay with an enviable 95% of Frutura Uruguay's energy coming from renewable sources.


Enrique Amorim 1655, 50000 Salto, Uruguay

Frutura Uruguay is a proud member of the Frutura family of companies, a global sales and marketing network dedicated to bringing customers the premium fruit they require, 365 days a year.

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