About Frutura.Uruguay

Frutura Uruguay is a company dedicated to offer high quality citrus fruits and juices to the international market. They grow and pack more than 1,800 hectares of mandarins, oranges and lemons grown in the main producing regions of Uruguay. Frutura Uruguay owns a total of 3,000 hectares for future use.

Frutura Uruguay

When they formed the company, they knew that 'Uruguay' had to be part of its name. Uruguay is known worldwide for its importance as an agricultural power and for Uruguay Natural, an awareness of the sanctity of the land and a permanent respect for the people who cultivate it. These are two key business principles and drive decision making every day.

The company was formed in 2022, through an acquisition. It is led by Managing Director Romain Corneille and CEO Alejandro Buratovich, with operations based in Salto, Uruguay.

Frutura Uruguay was honored to receive the prestigious GLOBAL G.A.P. seal, a designation given only to truly superior agricultural products grown according to rigorous industry standards.
The company is also certified by BRCGS, a worldwide benchmark for food safety. Safe Food Alliance as a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) provider; and participates in a food safety system established by the Global Safety Fair (SGF) that sets standards for the juice industry.

In addition, the certification also includes GLOBAL G.A.P.'s GRASP, a module developed to evaluate social practices on the farm, addressing specific aspects of health, safety and welfare of workers.

In addition to this certification, we have BRC, HACCP and SGF certificates.


At Frutura Uruguay, we are dedicated to providing healthy and quality products with a transparent and diversified supply chain. Our mission is to offer continuous access to premium products at a fair price. We are committed to leading the way towards sustainability, optimizing resources, minimizing waste and supporting farmers committed to responsible practices. At Frutura Uruguay, we believe in a future where the quality of our products is reflected in the quality of our impact on the world.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Frutura Uruguay, we understand the responsibility we have towards the environment and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to:

Sustainable Supply
To ensure that our products come from sustainable and ethical agricultural practices, supporting farmers committed to soil conservation and biodiversity.

Eco-efficient Supply Chain
Optimize our supply chain to maximize resource efficiency and minimize waste, adopting practices that reduce our environmental footprint.

Transparency and Diversity
Maintain transparency in our operations and promote diversity in our supply chain, recognizing and respecting the diverse communities and cultures involved.

Farmer Education and Empowerment
Facilitate educational and development programs for our farmers, supporting them in the transition to more sustainable practices and providing them with the tools they need to thrive.

Waste Reduction
Implement measures to minimize waste at all stages of our supply chain, from harvest to the final consumer.

Continuous Access to Sustainable Products
Working tirelessly to provide our customers with constant access to premium products in a sustainable manner.

Collaboration for a Sustainable Future
Collaborate with partners, organizations and communities to address environmental and social challenges, actively contributing to building a more sustainable future.


We build respectful and reciprocal relationships locally and globally.

Strength for the good
We are working towards a future that is sustainable and inclusive.

We offer excellence.

We never stop innovating, growing and improving.

We lead by example
We keep our word and take responsibility for our actions.

Customer Testimonials

Domestic Market

Ecofrutícola Ceretta
“The quality of Frutura Uruguay’s products during the campaign was very good, I am satisfied. The packaging and preparation improve every year. Delivery, time and commercial attention were very good and satisfactory.”
Javier Figueiras

Airontry / Cirigliano Fruits
“The quality of Frutura Uruguay’s products is excellent, I am very happy. The packaging and preparation reflect a great effort. The delivery, time and commercial attention were excellent, very satisfied during the whole campaign.”
Alejandro Cirigliano


Agro Comercial Shimizu – Brazil
“Qualidade muito boa, gostamos muito da fruta. Fruit well packed and sorted. Apenas elogios, tudo que foi combinado foi cumprido dentro do prazo.”
Diego Shimizu

Van Ooijen – Netherlands
“Product quality during the campaign is an important aspect that we value and are continually evaluating. Packaging and preparation get a positive rating, well packaged and presented despite the prolonged transit. Delivery, timing and commercial attention were within the established and prearranged.”
GerryVan Ooijen


Enrique Amorim 1655, 50000 Salto, Uruguay

Frutura Uruguay is a proud member of the Frutura family of companies, a global sales and marketing network dedicated to bringing customers the premium fruit they need, 365 days a year.

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